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What is Frisky Friday Shop?

Frisky Friday Shop is a Collection of Custom, Intimate Date Nights.

Each game or date night is designed and curated to bring couples together through fun and spicy games and activities, fully packed with everything you need to make your Frisky Friday Box date night unforgettable.

Our Story

Our names are Rochelle and Randy White, and we are the proud founders of Frisky Friday Box! We are so glad you’re here, and hope you stay a while.


We started Frisky Friday Box after our own journey of looking for more “intimacy” in our intimacy.  Sex in our marriage had become a lot of things… At times it was a chore, at other times it was painful, sometimes it was gone in 60 seconds, sometimes it was non-existent due to being too tired, tight on time, or being out of sync with each other.  It rarely felt as connective and intimate as what we were yearning for. We had become tired of the turn the lights out, climb under the sheets, and let’s do this thing monotonous routine of it all. We wanted more connection, we wanted more conversation, we wanted more variation and adventure. Most of all we wanted more intimacy in our sex life.


We got married really young at the ages 20 and 22 after only 4 month of dating. Though very young and naive, we were madly in love and jumped in head first. Both of us grew up in very religious puritan homes where sex was never talked about and we both practiced abstinence up until our wedding date. When we got married we were both in for a big surprise! It was new, scary and painful. Nothing like what we thought we had been waiting for.  The unrealistic expectations that we accumulated through culture and movies when compared to our real life experience left us feeling broken, confused, and frustrated.


Since we met we have worked together and are each other’s best friends, but when it came to sex it was a definite pain point and major conflict in our marriage. Feelings of rejection, shame, embarrassment, discomfort, and lack of education are what would best describe our first several years of sex life. Sex felt more like an obligation rather than something fun and intimate that we both enjoyed.


So we started looking for intimacy themed games and activities, but everything we found and tried was either way too raunchy for our taste, or seemed way too dull. We weren’t comfortable with the hardcore options that seemed plentiful, but also wanted something a little more steamy than what you could play in front of your grandma.


We didn’t give up and knew there had to be a better way. We decided to try and make our own games, so we took turns coming up with our own steamy date nights. We were both committed to coming up with games and activities that brought us closer together intimately in a tasteful and exciting ways that weren’t only fun, but were also informative, explorative, and educational. 

We loved these date nights and found that by spending more time connecting and enjoying each others company in intimate, vulnerable, and intentional ways led to amazingly better time in the sheets for both of us. These intimate date nights focused on connection, communication and helped us have open and vulnerable conversations. We learned more about each others desires, needs, and our own bodies. We stretched our way of thinking, and grew closer together as a couple and our bedroom life improved in indescribable ways. 


After a few years of enjoying our frisky at home date nights we decided to share our dates and what we have learned with the world, and from there Frisky Friday Shop was born. We want to make date nights easy, intimacy comfortable and fun, and possibly help others navigate through some of the same struggles we faced.


We believe that intimacy, sex, and foreplay should be enjoyable for both partners, and bring couples closer together. It can be extremely beautiful, bonding, and enjoyable.  Our goal is to help couples communicate, connect, and enjoy one another on a deeper level that will strengthen and enrich your relationship. So if you are looking for something that is tasteful, fun, and maybe makes you blush a little, Frisky Friday Shop has you covered.

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