Lil Egg


Lil’ Egg-Mini USB Silicone Electric Waterproof  Massager-Color Soft Pink

Made with food grade silicone and has 6 vibration modes with 3 intensity settings with each mode 3.7 v, more than 1 hour of duration when fully charged, Noise Level is very quiet, under 60dB

This little gem fits in the palm of your hand, and is great for travel. It is sleek and discrete, super quiet and is a favorite for many!

Side Note about toys and Vibrators from the founders- 

Growing up in religious households  we didn’t know much about them. We always figured they were something that was taboo because they seemed to be only sold in sex stores that showed nudity, pornography and promoted ideas that didn’t align with our Christian values. Then one day our friendly neighbors from church in their late 70’s gave us what they thought was a “neck massager” for Christmas. (It was new) It took me a while before I learned what it actually was, a  “wand vibrator”.

“Reaching a climax was always difficult, I felt broken or that something was wrong with me.” Rochelle White -The thought of using a toy never crossed our minds. We thought of toys the same way we thought about pornography, something that shouldn’t be messed with. After researching several Christian Sex Therapist that recommended how toys could be used as a couple to really increase pleasure, especially for women, we decided to give it a try. It has been a game changer for our marriage. It takes a lot of pressure off of us both and helps us both to have more pleasure.

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