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Start with the warm up cards

Perfect for setting the mood and helping you both feel closer to each other

Turn things up with the HOT side of the cards.

Once you are all warmed up flip to the Hot side and play until you can’t take the heat anymore.

Who its for

18 and up

For couples looking for something familiar and easy to play together.




1 Bottle for Spinning


9 Action Cards with Warm & Hot Sides


Do I have to flip all of the "Warm" cards before starting on the "Hot" side?

Our suggested gameplay is to start on the warm side, then after you complete each card flip it to the hot side.
You can also mix it up depending on your current mood. You can skip straight to just the “Hot” side only, or play several rounds on the “Warm” side. You can even mix and match some of the “Warm” and the “Hot”. 

How frisky are the actions?

Spin the Bottle is designed to bring couples together through tasteful, fun, and flirty foreplay actions; always leaving the main event up to you and your partner.

This game is ideal for couples looking for a lighter alternative to the typical mainstream sex game options that seem to focus more on oral sex, penetration, positions, and BDSM types of actions. We hope every couple who plays our game makes it to home, but our actions will never ask you to do anything past second base.

All Frisky Friday Box games are curated to help couples put more intimacy into their intimate lives. Focused on helping strengthen relationships by prioritizing connections over checkboxes and offering something more intimate than intimidating. Our goal in designing each game is to get couples laughing, talking, flirting, and feeling frisky in a comfortable and natural way.



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